Club GK Testimonials

“Specialist goalkeeper coaching for your child's needs in a fun safe environment with a dedicated coach who has coached the majority of the Peterborough United Academy keepers which speaks volumes for Club GK . Real dedication in all weathers and has struck up all real bond with our son Declan and we credit Darren as a huge part of Declan's successes in his short footballing career so far. In our opinion Darren is the best coach for our child in the area. I would add that Darren has been a real friend to Peterborough Northern Star FC too.”

Darren Moody - Parent & Head Of Youth, Peterborough Northern Star FC

“Darren is an excellent goalkeeper coach with great knowledge of the game and is a great motivator. He creates an environment that allows and pushes his goalkeeper students to do their best, while at the same time, he helps them build strong confidence in themselves. Our son's keeper skills and techniques have tremendously improved as Darren helps him work towards being the best keeper he can be, physically and mentally. 

I would highly recommend Club GK, our son thoroughly enjoys his lessons and loves the feel of a friendly and fun atmosphere.”

Cheri and Dean Igoe - Parents

“Our son Luca has been going to Club GK for two and a half years. The first time I rang Darren to speak with him about goalkeeping his enthusiasm and passion was fantastic. Darren's coaching is amazing, patient, varied, fun and has time for each child. Darren's encouragement has given Luca the confidence he needed. We travel an hour to get to Darren and it is definitely worth it. We cannot recommend Darren highly enough for anyone who's child wants to be a Goalkeeper.”

Andrea & Steve Leeson - Parents

“I like to work on the technical side of goalkeeping which is really enjoyable. I love the banter with the other boys and don’t like missing a training session.”

Harvey Hutchings - Goalkeeper

“Harvey has been going to Club GK for many years now and still enjoys going as Darren is excellent at developing each individual child at their skill. All the children greatly improve under his watchful eye and they become much more confident .Darren is a very skilled patient and enthusiastic trainer and all the children and their parents become very fond of him. We would thoroughly recommend Club GK for any child that loves goalkeeping. Simply the best!”

Ian and Vikki Hutchings - Parents

“Our little boy was referred to Darren at Club GK by Peterborough United.  A budding footballer he showed a natural flare for goalkeeping too.  That was 3 years ago.  Darren has supported the development of our lad ever since and we have all become part of the Club GK Family. Darren is a great coach, he has bucket loads of passion and works hard to provide a focussed, structured full on session each and every time they train, meaning they leave having had a good physical workout with massive smiles on their faces.

Darren expects commitment and has high expectations of engagement, some of his one liners to pull ‘off-task’ youngsters back to attention are classic, “having enough time to eat sandwiches in the back of the goal” springs to mind! He really gets to know the kids he coaches and his approach nurtures their development. He builds confidence and trust which in turn produces resilient young people. It’s all about the swagger! 

Darren takes his own development seriously and regularly updates his skill-set. Some of his goalkeepers have demonstrated at the National Goalkeeping Conference, held at St George’s Park, which is a massive accolade to Darren and the club. He cares and there have been low times for our boy but Darren has always been there to offer support and guidance and good practical advice.

Oh yeah, and a better end of year celebration you will be pushed to find! Darren puts it all on for his Club GK Family. Would we recommend Club GK? Hell yes!”

Heather Davies - Parent

" We have had the privilege of bringing our son Charlie to Club GK since June 2015... I don't think words can sum up Club GK... As a parent you always try and give your children opportunities and I am so glad I emailed Club GK that day asking if they had space! Charlie has come on leaps and bounds since being at Club GK! He enjoys Darren's training so much so he's still making saves 6 hours after the session! Darren's enthusiasm for goal keeping is what makes this club.. Every angle of goalkeeping is covered! Charlie's confidence has grown massively he is like a different child! Thank you Club GK we are looking forward to the next few years with you!!!!!!! "

Tom Bedford and Georgina Ainsworth - Parents 

 "Thomas has only been goalkeeping since the summer 2012, being new to goalkeeping he has had a lot of new skills to learn. He has been attending Darren’s lessons since November 2012. He really enjoys the lessons, they are well thought out and fast moving, the kids never get chance to get bored. The lessons are continuing to give Thomas the confidence that he needs to help improve his goalkeeping skills, which are now showing in the games he is playing. I have no doubt that with Darren’s enthusiasm and knowledge of what he is teaching, Thomas will continue to grow in his role as a goalkeeper. As a parent i never knew there was so many different skills involved in goalkeeping"

Denise Hughes - Parent

"I found Darren’s goalkeeping sessions to be very beneficial for the children involved. The sessions are full of technical quality, they are fun to take part in, and children can learn lots from the session. Darren breaks down each session into a topic so the kids can learn each individual point. Darren has a focus on individual attention to each child, making sure they get the right technique. Darren also allows the kids to learn and discover for themselves rather than just telling them answers, Darren likes to make sure the children have the chance to learn for themselves. Darren spends a great deal of time planning his session, and also learning new coaching techniques, i was also impressed with the wide range of goalkeeping equipment present. I would have no hesitation in recommending young goalkeepers from the age’s of 6-10 to Darren, as he will help them reach their potential."

Jake Hammond - Cambridge Utd Youth Officer

 " Our son Max has been going to Club GK with Darren for over a year now and it has made a fantastic improvement to his game. Max has not only learnt lots of new techniques, but his confidence in goal for an 8 year old is fantastic - and this is all down to Darren and the training sessions that he holds. We would highly recommend Club GK to anybody who is looking to send their child to a professional, fun club. "

Paul and Debbie Howland - Parents

 " Hello to all parents of prospective goalkeepers. My son Ben has trained with Darren for one season only, and in that time he has had trials with Histon and Cambridge, has been scouted by Lincoln and has won several Man of the Match awards. He has now accepted a place at Histon`s Academy to continue his football adventure. We are both delighted and impressed with the level of commitment, professionalism and drive that Darren has shown towards Ben’s development as a footballer. It is our belief that Ben would not of reached the level he has, in such a short space of time, without Darren’s outstanding contribution. Darren makes all sessions fun, focusing on one or two areas at a time to develop each topic at a rate suitable for each child. Darren’s interaction with his students is without peer, he focuses only on the positives and never comparing boys and putting them under undue pressure. I would have no hesitations in recommending Darren as a goalkeeper coach for any child who is interested in playing in such a technical position. Many, many thanks for all your help Darren and we shall see you soon no doubt. "

Heath Purvis - Parent

 " Bobby was with Club GK for just over a year. Darren’s encouragement and praise helped Bobby build his confidence, which was often knocked down by his club team as there was no goalkeeper coaching. Bobby loved every session with Club GK. Darren’s praise during Club GK sessions really helped Bobby realise what a valued member of the team he was. He made a lot of friends at Club GK and was very sad to leave when we moved away from Peterborough. Bobby has since joined a new football team in Sheffield and is still using the skills and techniques taught by Darren. Bobbys new coaches are amazed at the goalkeeping skills Bobby has for his age, all learnt from Club GK. "

Jessica Scialla - Parent

" Each session is very well thought through and structured for the children. They all enjoy the training sessions with Darren, he is always willing to go over the same routine to ensure the children understand. Since last year when the club started you can see a vast improvement in all the goalkeepers, in their ability and technique. The club is very well run, always a friendly atmosphere, parents are encouraged to stay and watch. Training equipment is always being added to, to give even more variety to the sessions. Darren is not interested in running the club as a profitable business, but gains personal pleasure from training the boys and seeing them develop. It is the only goalkeeping club in the area i would recommend, and I’ve played in goal for 25 years. "

Andi Martin - Parent 

" I like going to Club GK to learn, it is fun while we learn and i enjoy the game at the end of training. I have made new friends who are goalkeepers, i like being able to help other goalkeepers. Darren is very friendly and patient when teaching me. "

Dylan - Goalkeeper

 " Charlie has been attending Club GK since Feb 2010 and has really improved in this short time. Darren is very patient with all the children that attend his training sessions, he has no favourites and treats them all exactly the same. He has very high standards, is well organised and is happy to take training no matter how many children turn up or how bad the weather may be. Charlie’s confidence has increased immensely since he started, he absolutely loves going to the sessions and has made a-lot of new friends. We can definitely recommend Club GK (and Darren) to anyone who has a child interested in being a goalkeeper. "

Darren and Sarah Lawson - Parents

" Darren’s sessions at Club GK have transformed my son Daniel’s goalkeeping skills in the year that he has been attending. His sessions are always very well prepared, fast moving and well matched to the skills of the students, helping to build and develop the most important core skills. New drills are frequently included to keep things fresh and interesting. Darren’s students enjoy these sessions and especially the regular final GK War exercise that allows them to put into practice what they have learned in the main session. Darren has a patient and encouraging style and his enthusiasm for goalkeeping is passed onto the students who all take great benefit from his coaching. "

Rob Wortley - Parent

" Club GK has helped to increase my sons confidence for the role of goalkeeping, and has allowed him to be part of a goalkeeping team. Many thanks. "

Caroline Chan - Parent