Developing the goalkeepers of tomorrow

Playing as a Goalkeeper is without a doubt one of the hardest positions on the pitch, technically, tactically, and psychologically. Every goalkeeper can have a major influence on the outcome of a game. These are the facts.

At Club GK Goalkeeping School, we believe that anyone who is brave enough to play in goal deserve to be coached to play to their best ability.

Club GK is dedicated to Darren’s passion for goalkeeping, and the immense pleasure he gets from developing young goalkeeper’s skills, potential, and most importantly confidence.

What Our Goalkeeper’s Parents have To say!


“We took our nine year old to Club GK in 2014, although he was showing some natural talent and was asked to join Peterborough United’s Pre Academy, he had very little technical ability or knowledge of the wider role a keeper has to play.

Darren took this “rough diamond”(Darren’s words) under his wing and set about developing his talent with an immense amount of passion and dedication (even taking his own time to warm him up at home matches whenever possible )

Darren breaks down all areas of the keepers role like no other (the amount they need to know will blow your mind!)

All sessions are friendly and fun balanced nicely with expected discipline and good behaviour, if your son/daughter aspires to be the best they can be this is the place to be.”

Gina and Richard West - Parents