why choose us?

Each unique session at Club GK Goalkeeping School is thoughtfully constructed specifically for that one time, and tremendous amounts of time go into making sure each one will have the most impact, and not just scratch the surface.

Goalkeeping is more than just stopping a ball. It is a craft, a technique, and it has to be learned the right way.

That is why every single session Darren includes:

  • Introduction to the topic, breaking down what will be learned

  • Creative, progression-based drills allowing you to gradually increase the difficulty from the basics

  • Constant feedback and advice to further improve technique

  • A Club GK exclusive game called ‘GK War’

  • Final breakdown at the end, with case studies from pro keepers to study

  • A Trainee of the Day trophy for 1 week

GK War is a fun way to put everything that has been learned into game situation, with:

  • A point system for techniques used when making saves

  • Monthly prizes for the overall winner for the month

Every year Club GK holds its Annual Presentation which is is a great time to reflect on the progress all the goalkeepers, from both groups, have made throughout the year and reward them for their commitment and hard work. Before the presentation of trophies we have a special training session, followed by a game of GK War: Dual Keeper Edition.

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Contact Club GK via the below details and we will invite you down to take part in a full session to see if you’re a good fit for the club:

H 01733 665071

M 07599 796769

Alternatively you can fill out the form below and we will get back in touch with you.

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